Blackened Cottage by A E Richards

Cover imageThink of the coldly gripping Gothic horror of Edgar Allan Poe; think of the excitement of a modern chase movie; now combine the two and you have a feel for Blackened Cottage. Images of blood and souls in torment abound as the stage is set. Questions kept forming as I tried to find a possible explanation for what was occurring. The questions kept coming as the book maintained its horror theme, but moved into an exciting chase thriller. Who are the real villains? Who is real and who is not? The author drops subtle clues along the way that the careful reader will pick up.
I developed a theory – and the author proved me right. But there was no time for self-congratulation as the story swept me off around more twists and turns until the chase concluded.
This is a very well plotted and very well written book that I strongly recommend – as long as you think your nerves can take the strain. A very impressive debut by a new author.

I bought it for Kindle from Amazon Blackened Cottage