Safe House by Chris Ewan

Cover of Safe HouseThis is one of those books that after reading it, and writing this brief review, I will never think of again.
I didn’t feel in any way involved with the characters; the central one wandered through the book baffled by what was going on around him. That can work in a complex thriller, but I should have cared about what happens to him – and I didn’t. The plot started out well enough, and had an interesting twist or two, but became increasingly unbelievable. There was an irritating scattering of Americanisms that seemed bizarre in a book by an author from the Isle of Man and set in that location.
The best thing I can say about it is that I bought it to read on Kindle when Amazon had it on special offer at only 20p. I don’t suppose it will at that price for long, but it’s also available in print format. Safe House