Beneath the Boards by David Haynes

Beneath the BoardsI’ve read and enjoyed the horror/ghost stories by this author that are set in Victorian times. This one is set in current times and the impact is all the greater because of it. The thought that this may all be happening, right now, in a house not far away, makes the horror more intensely disturbing.

A young man with a failed marriage behind him has to retire from the police on medical grounds suffering PTSD-driven hallucinations after receiving serious injuries. He tries to start a new life by buying a run-down country cottage. The scattering of locals make him welcome, but as he starts the renovations he is troubled not only by his own past, but by a sensed history of evil within the cottage.

Are we witnessing at close hand his descent into madness, or is he uncovering past deeds of dreadful horror?

This is written with a vividness that forces sights, sounds and smells into the reader’s senses. Those who have already read it will know what I mean when I say that I’m having difficulty shifting from my brain, “Scretch, scretch, scretch.”

Recommended – if you think you are strong enough.

It is available from Amazon for Kindle.


The Boy Who Kissed the Sky by David Haynes

Cover imageThis is an out-of-the-ordinary book that provided a very enjoyable read. It has a wonderful collection of vividly-drawn characters. I loved them all – even the cringeworthy Van. And there’s a warm, engaging, very human feel about the story. It takes the reader on an entertaining journey in delightful company. I find it impossible to place in any particular genre; it’s part road trip, part fantasy, part family drama, part humour. That often seems to be the way with independently-published books. Whatever the genre, treat yourself; negotiate The Great Clap Outbreak of 1991 and join George in his two-tone Ford Fiesta on his European mission in a search for the truth behind a childhood experience when he is convinced that he flew from his bedroom window to the ground.

I bought the Kindle edition from Amazon. The Boy Who Kissed The Sky