Complete Works of H Rider Haggard

Cover image of Complete Works of H. Rider HaggardThis is another in the Delphi Classics series of ‘complete works’ and it really does represent extraordinary value. As a teenager I read the famous Rider Haggard African adventure novels, such as ‘She’ and ‘King Solomon’s Mines’, and I was familiar with about a dozen of his books. This collection includes all 57 novels, 12 short stories and 3 works of non-fiction, so much of this material is new to me – and has been a revelation. ‘Dawn’, for example, is a study of human relationships dealing with blighted loves and the power of bitter envy to corrupt. As much of the material was written about 100 years ago, the writing can feel rather dated and ponderous, with some of the social attitudes seeming downright weird. Nevertheless, the writing has power and conviction. The background notes accompanying each work are interesting. Acquiring this volume of work for under £2 is amazingly good value – particularly as Delphi Classics appears to have developed a very robust ebook system with very, very few formatting issues.

I bought this collection for Kindle from Amazon. Delphi Complete Works of H. Rider Haggard (Illustrated)