The Ghost of Mandy Rosental by J S Egan

Cover imageAnyone who reads the very short opening chapter will want to carry on reading. It is one of the most beguiling beginnings to a novel that I have ever encountered.

The pace and the interest do not flag. The first person narration and the occasionally unusual presentation work very well.

It’s impossible not to have mixed feelings about the central character. She’s the spoiled brat daughter of a very wealthy businessman/politician; she lies, cheats, steals and behaves generally irresponsibly – but she’s bright, funny and fiercely independent. It’s her off-beat liveliness that keeps the narration very readable. Her guilt-ridden death is very moving.

The tale is set in turbulent political and economic times when being Jewish brought its own problems. It is well-researched with an excellent sense of time and place. The author says that it is based on real events. I’d very much like to read about those events. Have the names been changed to protect the not-so-innocent?

This is a very intelligent piece of fiction that tackles a tricky subject in a most original way. I find it particularly impressive that it’s written by a man who has convincingly got inside the head of a young woman through her late teens and early twenties.

It is only available as an ebook. I bought it for Kindle from Amazon. The Ghost of Mandy Rosental