The Devine Legacy by Jennifer Hanning

The Devine LegacyAny book described as a ‘romantic novella’ would normally have me running in the opposite direction, but every now and again I like to challenge my own prejudices. In reading this book I didn’t really think I was taking too much of a chance as I’ve read several of Jennifer Hanning’s books and enjoyed them all.

This proved to be no exception. It’s a warm, insightful, nicely-crafted examination of personal relationships within and across the generations with some thought-provoking consideration of how those relationships may be affected by changes in attitudes and ambitions brought about by the unexpected arrival of money and the re-emergence of people from our past lives.

It’s a satisfying read with a last-minute twist.

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What Happened to Polly? by Jennifer Hanning

Cover of What Happened to PollyThis is one of those novels which is very hard to review without giving away important elements of the plot. The title may give the impression that this could be a gruesome account of the sufferings of a kidnap victim, but be reassured – it isn’t. It is a well-written, thought-provoking and involving account of the long-term aftermath of the snatching of a young child.

The characters are convincingly drawn. There’s an interesting and unexpected plot twist at the end.

I’ve now read several books by this author, both fiction and non-fiction. They are all well-structured and easy to read.

I bought this book for Kindle from Amazon where print copies are also available. What Happened to Polly

The Angel of Rosetown by Jennifer Hanning

Cover image of The Angel of RosetownI am drawn to books that have a supernatural element and comments on book forums led me to this one. The book begins with the feel of a conventional romance. Molly and Abel are separated as very young children: years later Molly is re-united with the love of her life, but suddenly the tale takes an unexpected turn and it becomes clear that this is a startlingly and refreshingly original book.

We are treated to a delightful, whimsical vision of a multi-level, curiously high-tech hereafter. The book’s impact lies in the contrast between the possible delights of that afterlife and the earthbound existence of characters who are dealt such a poor hand by fate that, no matter how much they regret it and how hard they try to play their cards well, they are doomed to failure.

The book is well-written, the language flowing in a way that carries the reader along without effort.

I only hope that the author’s vision of the hereafter is correct; I’m looking forward to it already – and I’m trying hard to spot my guardian angel.

I bought the book for Kindle from Amazon where print copies are also available. Angel of Rosetown