Obsession by Jonathan Kellerman

ObsessionI’ve often seen a row of Kellerman’s books on the library shelves. That is usually a sign of an author who is both prolific and popular, but I hadn’t read any of his books until now. According to the blurb and the quoted extracts from reviews he is a highly-rated writer of psychological thrillers with complex plots.

Maybe I made an unlucky choice with ‘Obsession’, but I was very disappointed. I wasn’t surprised to find the usual problems of coping with American English, of course. It’s simply a fact of life that American English, particularly spoken, is moving rapidly away from the language of England. As much of the content is speech, I often found that I had no understanding of what a character had said.

My real difficulty with this book is that the plot isn’t complex, but it is slow, over long, with far too many locations and characters. Far from being ‘a tense psychological thriller’, I found it a tedious novel written by someone curiously obsessed with French Bulldogs.

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