Top Banana by Kath Middleton

Top BananaThis came as a welcome relief after the last three books I’d read proved such heavy going that I’d given up on each of them.

No such problem here. This is the third book I’ve read by this author and although they are very different, they have something in common; they are all well written. The writing flows smoothly, introducing well-formed characters and carrying the reader through plot developments in an undemanding way.

This is the story of 24-year-old Steve, an under-achiever still living with his parents – and therein lies his problem. His mother controls his life rigidly, routinely undermining his self-confidence as if any sign of success on his part would be a personal affront. But things change when Steve is bitten by a tropical spider, an event that has a curious effect on his attitude to life.

Will his new attitude enable him to escape his mother’s control and turn his life around? How will his mother, and his put-upon father, react? You’ll have to read the book to find out. In doing so you will find that this is a pleasing tale told with humour that at times verges on farcical slapstick, but below the layer of humour there’s a warm empathetic understanding of human relationships.

It is available from Amazon in print and ebook formats.

Message in a Bottle by Kath Middleton

Message in a Bottle (2)I have to say that this novella is not of a genre that I would usually choose. I’d read and enjoyed another novella by this author and spotted this one being discussed on a couple of book forums. The brief blurb persuaded me to splash out 99p, but then I found that this is the sort of relationship story that I imagine fills the pages of women’s magazines and really not my sort of thing.

Guess what – I surprised myself and enjoyed it.

The writing flows smoothly along making this an easy, undemanding read with convincing characters and an absorbing storyline. Maybe I should be subscribing to womags.

You can read more reviews and buy the book at Amazon Message in a Bottle.

Ravenfold by Kath Middleton

RavenfoldI often don’t enjoy books of novella length, but I enjoyed this one – possibly because it has the feel of a big book. We find big characters, convincing locations and a strong storyline taking place in a medieval period that feels historically authentic.

It’s a classic tale of injustice arising from the brutal abuse of power, with a few shocks along the way. The ingredients are sufficient to form the basis of a full-length novel, so at novella length we have a taut piece of writing with scarcely a word wasted and an original approach to the narration style. Recommended.

The book is available from Amazon for Kindle and in paperback. Ravenfold