The Hammer of Eden by Ken Follett

cover imageIs this Ken Follett’s worst book? As a fan I was pleased to come across one I hadn’t read in our local library, but what a disappointment it was.

Commune members live on a remote vineyard which is threatened by the building of a dam. They resolve to save their way of life by blackmailing the California state governor with threats to cause an earthquake. To back up the threats they steal an enormous piece of equipment used by geologists to cause vibrations in the ground. During the theft the driver of the mobile vibrator is brutally murdered. One of the many ludicrous aspects of the plot is that the local police don’t bother looking for this very slow moving vehicle. The central character, despite not having a single redeeming feature, is apparently irresistible to women. Unable to read or write, he once earned his living as a salesman. That must have been the only company in the world that didn’t require its salesmen to fill in order forms and submit reports.

So, we have a daft storyline peopled by unbelievable characters. Fortunately, Ken Follett has written many books that are much, much better than this.

The book is available from Amazon The Hammer of Eden