A Novel Way to Die by Lynda Wilcox

Cover of A Novel Way to DieI came to A Novel Way to Die immediately after reading Strictly Murder and Organized Murder so I was well into my Verity Long stride and this kept the rhythm going nicely.

The first two books are full-length novels. This is a fairly short novella that rattles along, making it a quick and easy read. It provides another helping of perky, humourous, amateur sleuthing with Verity again indulging her taste for wine, and dodging amorous men, during a literary weekend where many of the delegates have more than books on their minds. In a work of this length there’s not much scope for character development; the  assembled cast are larger than life and readily pigeon-holed.

Of course, what makes this special fun for members of the UK Kindle Users Forum are the familiar names given to the characters. As I only know members by name, I can’t comment on the accuracy of the descriptions. I think we can safely assume that the descriptions are pure fantasy; otherwise, who’s going to own up to being the lady with the build of an armchair?

Tucked away among the murderous frolics are some rather fine descriptive passages dealing with the surrounding countryside and gardens. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something very different from this author in the future – and I think I’d rather enjoy it.

I bought the book for Kindle from Amazon. A Novel Way To Die (The Verity Long Mysteries)

Organized Murder by Lynda Wilcox

Cover for Organized MurderThis is the second in the series of murder mysteries featuring Verity Long. It’s another attractive cover on a well-written, well-produced book.

This time Verity gets tangled up with a theatre group, one of whose members is found hanging in the church adjacent to the rehearsal room. Again we have serious crime handled with a light touch. Some of the characters from Strictly Murder are further developed and Verity’s still uncertain love-life again interweaves with the murderous plot as she strives to solve the crime before she becomes the next victim.

I found it a fun read and if perky crime-solving is your thing, so will you.

I bought it for Kindle from Amazon. Organized Murder (The Verity Long Mysteries Book 2)

Strictly Murder by Lynda Wilcox

Cover image Strictly MurderThis is the first in a series of books featuring Verity Long. The first thing that strikes me about the books is the very attractive covers. Verity is the young personal assistant to a famous crime writer and somehow finds herself embroiled in muder. I enjoyed this book. Despite the sprinkling of murders, a hit-and-run death and a missing teenager, it’s written with a pacy jauntiness that makes it a fun read. In Verity Long we have a more perky Poirot, a thoroughly modern Miss Marple.

She shares with the Christie characters a determination to force her way into criminal investigations and do the work of the police, but this is a young Miss Marple with an appetite for men and merlot.

I thought it a well-written, well-produced book. If you like your crime to be entertaining and served up with a good slice of humour, then this is one for you.

I bought the book for Kindle from Amazon. Strictly Murder: Volume 1 (The Verity Long Mysteries)