Mad Dogs & Englishmen Ranulph Fiennes.

Mad Dogs and EnglishmenFrom the title and cover blurb I thought this was going to be a look at some of the more eccentric members of the author’s family – but it wasn’t. Fiennes can trace his family tree back to two generations before the Emperor Charlemagne. Throughout much of that 1200 years members of that family have been king-makers and king-breakers on both sides of the Channel.
As a result, this book provides a look at the history of our country over that period, written in a very entertaining and engaging style.¬†If you’ve found history a dry and tedious subject, this excellent book may just change your mind.

I bought it for Kindle but it is also available in print format. Mad Dogs and Englishmen: An Expedition Round My Family

Captain Scott by Ranulph Fiennes

Cover imageFiennes is becoming one of my favourite authors. I love the forthright writing style. His experiences mean that he writes about this subject with the conviction that comes from a personal knowledge of the conditions and difficutlies that Scott and his companions endured. If his strength of feeling means that his passionate defence of Scott leads him to overstate his case on occasions, well, I find it easy to forgive him. Another absorbing read from Fiennes.

I bought it for Kindle but it is also available in print format from Amazon. Captain Scott