Matchbox Memories by Ray Kingfisher

cover imageThis is a tale of family relationships. The central character, Ian, and his two siblings were orphaned and all adopted by the now-elderly Harry and Ruth. Harry is in hospital and Ian’s sister demands that he takes his turn in caring for Ruth, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. There’s nothing maudlin here; family secrets are unpicked with verve and humour. At no stage did I feel invited to laugh at the Alzheimer’s sufferer, but I often smiled empathetically.

For me a well-written novel is one that is easy to read, involves me with the characters and flows smoothly along, carrying me with it with little effort on my part. A good book is one that doesn’t just entertain, but also makes me think. I found this a well-written, good book that I’m pleased to recommend.

The book is available for Kindle from Amazon Matchbox Memories – An Alzheimer’s Comedy

Easy Money by Ray Kingfisher

Cover image for Easy MoneyDo you enjoy You’ve Been Framed? Does seeing someone slip on a banana skin make you laugh? If the answer to those questions is, ‘Yes!’ you’ll enjoy this book. We get to watch as poor Warwick Pollini enters a phase when with his every step his foot finds another banana skin and his life rapidly slithers into total chaos.

The fact that the central character gets into trouble through no fault of his own does bring to mind the humour of Tom Sharpe’s Wilt, but Wilt viewed the world through the jaundiced eyes of a failed academic, whereas Pollini is a hard-working man who is convinced that by his own efforts he can provide a comfortable life for his small family. And so he does – until those banana skins appear.

The book is peopled with well-drawn characters, including Boz, the computer geek plotting revenge on the man who stole his wife, and Yetta, the overweight Polish girl desperate to have a man in her life.

It’s impossible not to feel sympathy for Pollini as he bangs his head against bureaucratic systems that operate with no regard for common sense, but this is essentially a fun read that rushes along at great pace.

I bought the book for Kindle from Amazon. Easy Money – A Thoroughly Modern Comic Farce