Healing Meditations for Surviving Grief and Loss by Sibel Hodge

Cover imageSibel Hodge usually writes chick lit/rom coms. This short non-fiction guide could hardly be more different. Using the ‘Look Inside’ feature on Amazon gives access to the Introduction (that gives a down-to-earth introduction to the themes of grief and loss); a list of the key stages of the grief process; some sensible comments on the transition involved and a list of ways of coping with grief and loss.
This is all expressed in a forthright, easy to read fashion and what follows in the rest of the book continues in the same vein.
The need to allow oneself space to grieve is stressed and there are examples of how expressing one’s thoughts/feelings in writing can help ease progress towards peace of mind.
The latter part deals with ‘meditations’, which here means the use of yogic mantras to adjust mental outlook. More than 150 mantras are provided. The user can select any with which they feel comfortable, or use them as the basis for creating their own, varying the choice of mantra as the grief process progresses.
This review would no doubt be more useful if it came from a reader who had actually used the book to steer them through the grieving process. No doubt there are longer and more learned books on this difficult subject, but I’ll be recommending this book, which is clearly written from the heart, to those whom I believe will be in need of the help it offers.

Available as an ebook for Kindle from Amazon. Healing Meditations for Surviving Grief and Loss