Dresden – A Survivor’s Story by Victor Gregg

Cover image for Dresden- A Survivor's StoryThe author wrote this book at the age of 93. In 1945 he was parachuted into Arnhem and captured. He was assigned to a prisoner working party and sabotaged the factory he was sent to, burning it to the ground. He was sentenced to be executed and was being held in Dresden when the Allied bombing raids began – which was 68 years ago to the day that I am writing this review..

Over three days 1300 bombers totally destroyed the city in an attack deliberately structured to create a massive inferno that killed 25,000 people. One of the first bombs blew a hole in the wall of the building where Mr Gregg was being held and he walked out. He witnessed the destruction of the city and helped in the attempts to rescue survivors. This is very, very disturbing┬ámaterial dealing with scenes of horror so appalling that I’m left wondering how he came through it still sane.

And sane he certainly was, because when his rescue attempts were over he walked 20 miles to join the advancing Russians and spent months servicing the American lorries they were using, before eventually getting back to join the British.

This is only the equivalent of 36 print pages in length, but it is the most powerful piece of anti-war writing that I have ever read.

I bought it for Kindle from Amazon. Dresden: A Survivor’s Story (Kindle Single)