Complete Works of Virginia Woolf

Cover imageThese Delphi Classics collections really do provide extraordinary value for money. This one gave me the chance to take another look at Woolf’s work – and reach the conclusion that her novels are not for me. I found ‘To the Lighthouse’ in particular, a nightmare of a book. Trying to find my way through the 250-word, oddly-punctuated sentences was like blundering through a literary fog. Pages devoted to the description of something trivial, and then dispensing with the death of a central character in a single phrase, left me wondering what on earth the author was trying to tell me. But the advantage of a complete works collection is that everyone will find something to enjoy. I found some of the short stories a delight and most of the non-fiction items fascinating.

I bought it for Kindle from Amazon. Delphi Complete Works of Virginia Woolf (Illustrated)