The Seven Champions of Christendom by W H G Kingston

Cover image The Seven Champions of ChristendomThis is a most peculiar book – and it probably takes a peculiar person to read it. There are various versions by different authors in a variety of formats for sale on Amazon and not one of them has a single review; I can’t say that I’m surprised, but I couldn’t resist the chance to be the first to risk it.

I’d come across the phrase, ‘The Seven Champions’, from time to time, but this summer when watching Seven Champions Mollies (a Morris dancing side) I decided it was time to check out the background.

This book was written by W H G Kingston in 1901, or thereabouts. It’s a re-write of one written by Richard Johnson towards the end of the 16th century that, according to Giles, needed an update to make it acceptable. Judging by the examples of Johnson’s prose that Giles quotes in his preface, he was probably right. Continue reading