Myrddin’s War

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Myrddin’s War follows directly from B J Burton’s first book, Dartmoor…the Saving, and it features the same characters, with some additions. The word most reviewers used about Dartmoor was `charming’ and that charm is still there in abundance, with the little `Dini’ and the new character, Ranger Bob’s wonderful boy Arthur. This story, however, is much darker and grimmer in tone. Myrddin begins to tell the world where our selfish habits are leading but is he too late to effect a change? There are some really awful new characters here, motivated by greed and lust for power and watching the struggle between the two sides has been an anxious and nail-biting read. The story is a powerful one and will not be read by anyone who remains unaffected by it.

B J Burton has created a strong modern myth with these two books. I enjoy his easy (but not simple) writing style and his obvious knowledge and love of the Celtic mythology of Britain. I also find myself very much in agreement with the style of living his characters advocate in the books. Whether you are ecologically minded or not though, you can’t help but be drawn in to this wonderful tale of people with conflicting beliefs and lifestyles. I shall be thinking about this for a long time. It’s an excellent story.
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The Storyline

Myrddin’s War is the sequel to Dartmoor …The Saving and concludes the story of the Dini, the tribe of tiny people discovered on the moor by Dartmoor Ranger, Bob Johnson.

Five years after Myrddin’s disappearance, Bob is still living with The Sword of Power hanging over his fireplace; still wondering why he has it and what his rôle in Myrddin’s War is supposed to be.

Myrddin re-enters the lives of the Johnson family. He claims that the Great Goddess Anu, goddess of the Earth and protector of the planet, is losing patience with mankind. Whether they believe him or not, the Johnson family are swept up into Myrddin’s apparently crazy plan to placate Anu by changing mankind’s behaviour.

Crazy it may be, but it seems to be working. Then Nigel Sligo, a gutter-press reporter, arrives in Princetown. Local gossip arouses his curiosity. Convinced that he’s onto his biggest ever story, he’s not going to give up.

The Dartmoor Dini are living on a remote royal estate in Scotland. Without realising it, Sligo is on their trail. What will happen if he finds them? Could it turn victory in Myrddin’s War into defeat for mankind?

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