Song of the Jikhoshi by Katie W. Stewart

cover image Song of the JikhoshiThis is the sequel to Treespeaker and to fully appreciate the book you will need to have read the first in what I hope will be a long series.

If Treespeaker proved to be your type of fantasy, as it is mine, then you will enjoy another delightful escape into the world of the Arrakeshi. Favourite characters return and the struggle between good and evil is even more titanic. Lovely stuff, beautifully written, and a very worthy sequel.

I bought my copy for Kindle from Amazon. Song of the Jikhoshi (Treespeaker Book 2)

Treespeaker by Katie W. Stewart

Cover image of TreespeakerI really enjoyed this book, and I’m sure that I would have enjoyed reading it any age from about twelve. This is the sort of fantasy that really appeals to me. There are no great battles, no super-heroes, no super-weapons. The struggle of good against evil is at a spiritual level in a world where the mind is open to the ancient magic.

Jakan’s tribe live in the forest, protected from the outside world by the veil. He is the Treespeaker, blessed with the gift of communication with Arrakesh, the spirit of the forest. He uses the gift to advise his tribe of actions they must take to preserve the balance of life in the forest and so protect their way of life.

A stranger arrives from the outside world who has somehow broken through the veil. Jakan senses the evil within him – a force so strong that Jakan cannot resist it alone. Arrakesh speaks to him and tells him to leave the safety of the forest to seek help. And so we have that other ingredient of many fine stories – a quest.

The book is beautifully written with excellent characterisation. There are no sub-plots to distract the reader; the tale flows from beginning to end with ample twists and turns to keep me turning the pages and to make me resent any interruption.

I bought it for my Kindle from Amazon where print copies are also available. Treespeaker: 1